The thermostatic cartridge is considered as a key part of a thermostatic mixer. According to different characteristics and applications of products, Guoren has developed a wide variety of thermostatic cartridges, including: large-flow cartridge, common flow cartridge, brass thermostatic cartridge, thermally-insulated plastic cartridge, single-handle dual-control thermostatic cartridge, two-handle dual-control thermostatic cartridge, and so forth.

The thermostatic mixing valve is typically designed for heating systems. It has found wide application in the electric water heaters, gas water heaters, solar water heaters and central hot water systems. In response to the ever-growing market demand, Guoren has designed the thermostatic mixing valves in a variety of diameters, connection methods and flow rates.

Guoren offers a diverse selection of thermostatic mixers, including: exposed thermostatic shower mixers, concealed thermostatic shower mixers, thermostatic tub faucets, two-handle dual-control thermostatic shower mixers, thermostatic shower panels, common-flow thermostatic bath mixers, anti-scald thermostatic bath mixers, cool-touch thermostatic shower mixers, thermostatic bath taps with shelves, as well as the thermostatic mixers for solar water heaters, etc.

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