1. Raw material: 100% Brass material with proven quality
2. Machining workshop: Ultra-high-precision machining

1. Raw material: Casting class-A brass ingots with proven quality
2. Gravity casting: Italian IMR gravity casting machine features one piece construction.

The Gouren production facility rests on over 12,000 square meters of land. This well-organized, extremely efficient complex incorporates multiple workshops, such as thermostatic cartridge production workshop, brass gravity casting workshop, metalworking workshop, polishing workshop and assembly workshop, as well as a full range of ancillary equipment, including metal processing line, assembly line, installation testing equipment, polishing equipment, etc.

Raw Material

Class-A brass ingots

Gravity Casting

Thermostatic cartridge production

Gravity casting


Panorama of machining workshop
With CNC machine tools, CNC lathes, ultrasonic cleaning machines and other processing equipment, the processing quality of mounting holes can be guaranteed.
(Equipment: 2 CNC lathes, 5 laminating machine, 1 double-sided milling machine, 1 planar milling)

Primary processing

Semi-finished mixer

CNC machine tool

CNC machining center

Finished spare parts

CNC machining center

Perforating and tapping machine

Well processed mixer frame

Air-leakage testing


Polishing production line
Polishing of 80#, 160#, 320#, 600#, 800#

Polishing machine

Blemish detection

Sanding of cubic workpiece


Assembly line
The assembly process includes connector installation, thermostatic cartridge installation, testing, handle installation, surface cleaning, complete inspection, packaging, etc.


Air leakage testing

Assembly line

Testing of Purchased Parts

The purchased parts are strictly tested before entering into the warehouse


Spare Part Warehouse

Shower Testing

Pressure control

Temperature control
Our thermostatic shower faucet is lined with a thermal insulating layer, which can effectively prevent the skin from scalding.

Shower faucet

Vibration detection
This tester simulates the transport environment to work out the effects of vibration.

Mechanical strength testing

High temperature testing

Lifespan testing

Lifespan testing of faucet
In general, the testing cycle is around 5-6 days.

Water flow testing

Salt spray test

Electroplating thickness testing

  • Thermostatic Cartridge Production Process
  • Thermostatic Mixer/Thermostatic Mixing Valve Production Process
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